Algebra I

 Fall, 2019: September 14 – December 16

Available Times (EST):
1:30-2:30PM Tuesday
6:00-7:00PM Wednesday
2:00-3:00PM Thursday

Price: $400US/$550CAN

Course Description

Algebra I supplies the student with an organized approach to abstract mathematical concepts. It also introduces many situations in which Algebra can be applied. In this class, your student will gain a strong foundation for Algebra I.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn a variety of mathematical concepts.
• Fractions
• Introduction to Variables
• Decimals
• Negative Numbers
• Exponents and Roots
• Factoring and the Distributive Property
• Linear Equations
• Linear Applications
• Linear Inequalities
• Quadratic Equations
• Quadratic Applications

Textbooks and Other Resources

Algebra 1: Prentice Hall Classics, Ed.

Instructional Format: A class will be held each week in real-time, using the Zoom web conferencing system. In addition, video lessons will be sent out throughout the week. Students will be expected to watch these lessons each week, completing any activities sent out with the video. At the beginning of each week, two video lessons will be sent out with assigned reading. A weekly live class will be held either Wednesday or Thursday of each week (We will determine the exact day depending on the instructor’s and students’ schedules.) After our weekly live class, a review video or videos will be distributed along other assignments.

Office Hours: In addition to the required weekly meetings, the instructors will hold “office hours” each week. Office hours will be conducted using Zoom and will be by appointment.

Anticipated Assignments and Exercises

Students will complete homework assigned from the textbook for each week. Completion of this homework will account for the homework portion of the student’s grade.

Anticipated Tests and Quizzes

Other than the final exam, there are no tests and quizzes for this course. As we want each to student to reflect and think deeply about the material, the class grade will be based on class participation,
participation in one on one meetings with the instructor, the essays, the final exam and the presentation.


Quizzes = 20%
Chapter Tests = 50%
Homework = 15%
Final Exam = 15%

A mighty oak from an acorn grows

We are growing a sapling right now, but our hope and dream is to establish a learning institution that will be accessible long after we pass from this earth.

With trust in the All-Merciful Lord

Let us act now. The Lord loves our children more than we do and will multiply our sacrifices ten-thousandfold by
His infinite grace.

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