Byzantine Chant 101


Begins July 9th (New Style)

10 Weeks

Available Times (EST):

Thursdays 7-8PM

Price: $300 US

For any questions regarding registration, please e-mail or call (215) 987-2655.

Course Description

Students will learn the basics about the eight modes (or tones) of byzantine chant by learning byzantine notation and prosomoia melodies. All texts chanted will be in English, with the option for Greek by request.

Course prerequisite: Students must be able to match pitch to enroll.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to chant hymns from vespers and matins in the diatonic and enharmonic modes (i.e. 1st, 3rd, 4th, Plagal 1st, Grave, Plagal Fourth)

Textbooks and Other Resources

Byzantine Notation: An Exercise Book by Gabriel Cremeens. Physical book will be available for purchase. 

Instructional format: 1 hour lectures per week. Students are expected to participate actively in all sessions.

Anticipated Assignments and Exercises (Homework, Projects, etc.)

Students are expected to practice all exercises at home. Homework will consist of the student recording himself or herself chanting the exercises.

Anticipated Tests and Quizzes

Students will have quizzes on byzantine musical symbols and terminology.

There will be a performance-based final exam, where the students will be required to record themselves chanting a hymn from notation.


Grades will be based on:
1. attendance
2. class participation
3. completion of homework
4. quiz scores
5. final exam scores