Fundamentals of Grammar: The Parts of Speech (Ages 9-11)

Spring, 2020

Start Date: May 6th (New Style)

4 Weeks

Available Times (EST):
Wednesdays, 11AM

Price: $100

Course Description

The Lord in His mercy and love has gifted us with language. Using this gift properly is a wonderful way to share His wisdom.

Understanding sentence structure is the key to effective writing. Good sentences lead to good paragraphs. Good paragraphs lead to good letters, essays, and writing in general!

Each week, in a live class, the instructor will teach a different aspect of sentence composition. For homework, students will complete worksheets covering the material learned in class.

This course will work well either as a sentence construction introduction or a review for those who need more practice. This course can also serve as a natural next step from the Fundamentals of Grammar: Parts of Speech course.

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will cover:

  • Proper capitalization and punctuation

  • Subjects and predicates

  • Complete thoughts and fragments

  • Types of sentences


At the end of the course, students will be awarded a “pass,” “pass with merit,” or “pass with distinction.”