History of Ancient Rome (Middle School)


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 3:40PM

Price: $400US


To register, call 215-987-2655.

Course Description

In this introductory class on ancient Roman history, we will focus on the lives of famous Romans, men who played an integral role in the history of ancient Rome and whose example and ideas play an integral role in history to the present day.  Students will learn of the important men and events that shaped ancient Rome, all from an Orthodox perspective.  A strong emphasis will be placed on reading comprehension, memorization of key events, geography, and vocabulary.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of Ancient Roman history
  • Further develop reading comprehension skills as they pertain to historical narrative
  • Understand the significance of Ancient Roman history for present-day life
  • Understand the significance of Ancient Roman history for the Orthodox Christian

Textbooks and Other Resources

Instructional Format: A class will be held three times each week in real-time, using the Zoom webconferencing system.

Office Hours: The instructor will be available by appointment each week. Office hours will be conducted using Zoom.

Anticipated Assignments and Exercises

Students will need to read, study, practice almost every day. This is how we get good at things, by doing them regularly.

The number and frequency of assignments may be adjusted at the instructor’s discretion to accommodate variations in student progress.

Anticipated Tests and Quizzes

Quizzes 50%
Tests 30%
Final Exam 10%
Participation/Attendance 10%


Quizzes will be given once a week. There will be three tests. There will be a final exam.