Introduction to Latin I

September 14-December 21st (New Style)

Available Times (EST):

Tuesdays at 5PM

Price: $400US

Course Description

Learning the Latin grammar is the ideal, all-in-one tool for forming clear thinking skills, increasing fluency in reading and writing English, and providing a charming gateway to the great literature and great culture of the Greco-Roman world.

For Orthodox people coming from the Greek culture, studying Latin is a natural companion and aid in learning the complex grammar of the ancient Greek language as well as the ideal introduction to the mental world of the Latin Fathers. Students find it hard, then they love it, and finally they are all proud of having studied it, with the pride of true accomplishment.

Learning Objectives

Middle School: This semester our middle school students will acquire a basic Latin vocabulary and will learn the forms of the first and second declension nouns.
High School: This semester our high school students will acquire a basic Latin vocabulary and will learn the forms of the first, second, and third declension nouns.
Our larger goal is to give students solid confidence and enjoyment in studying this wonderful language. We want it to be something they will never forget.

Textbooks and Other Resources

First Year Latin, Fr. Robert Henle
This is an old-fashioned book designed for use in pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic schools, and it has two advantages: it uses traditional, time-tested methods, and it shows respect and warmth towards Christian subjects. Of course, there is the specifically “papist” aspect of some of the illustrations and expressions, but this is easily handled. No Orthodox ever became a papist because of using Henle’s Latin book!

Everyone will also have and use a small grammar handbook and an answer key that accompany the text.

Instructional Format:
Our course will last fourteen weeks. We will meet once per week for a live class online, in which I shall introduce new subject matter, go over homework and quizzes/tests, and also introduce some cultural and historical material to relate the language to real people’s experience (including our own!). There will also be weekly video lessons sent to the students throughout the week.

Assignments and Exercises

Outside of live class time, students will look at videos I produce and do assignments daily.

IMPORTANT! Parents must help their students do MEMORIZATION DRILLS ALOUD EVERY DAY, FIVE DAYS A WEEK. No one really learns a language silently. Every Latin session with your student should
begin with “chanting” the grammar forms, which this fall means the noun declension endings, and the assigned vocabulary for the week – every day. After a while, this will be natural and enjoyable for your
student – it will give a sense of mastery and familiarity with a formidable subject that others might think is “only for intellectuals,” something unattainable. It will give a sense of accomplishment, as well as make the student’s written work ten times easier. You’ll see.

Tests and Quizzes

Students will take a quiz once per week.


Grades will be based on quizzes, homework, and class attendance.