September 14th-December 21st (New Style)

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Price: $400US

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Course Description

This class will review the basic operations of arithmetic on whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. These operations will be used in dealing with ratio, proportions, percent, and algebra. Students will be expected to understand basic operations with integers, rational numbers, irrational, and real numbers; the use of variables; properties of numbers and of equality; solving equations and inequalities; problem-solving; relations and functions; and polynomials.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn a variety of mathematical concepts
  • Fractions
  •   Decimals  
  •   Ratios and Proportions 
  • Negative Numbers  
  •  Introduction to Variables
  •  Exponents and Roots
  •  Factoring and the Distributive Property
  • Graphing
  • The Fundamentals of Algebra