Summer Reading Project: A Christian Reading of The Hobbit (Ages 11-13)

Summer, 2020: Beginning June 22 (9 Weeks)

Available Times (EST):
Mondays 4-5PM

Price: $150 US

Course Description

While the author J.R.R. Tolkien is more commonly known for his fantasy masterpiece The Lord of the Rings, it was The Hobbit that made him famous. The Hobbit, the tale of a small (in more ways than one) country gentleman named Bilbo Baggins who is plucked off his comfortable  armchair and thrust into a fantastical adventure full of goblins, elves, and dragons, has delighted children and adults alike for over eighty years.

What many fail to realize (especially today), is that Tolkien wrote from a Christian perspective, filling his writings with Christian ideas. All good art points to universal Truth, the greatest Truth being our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is with knowledge that we will joyfully and earnestly study The Hobbit!

In this class, we will read The Hobbit, enjoying the wit, humor, and beautiful writing, but also studying the big ideas contained within: potential, courage, sacrifice, fellowship, greed, balance, and divine intervention. We will hold up the events and characters in the book to passages from Scripture and the Holy Fathers and check for alignment. 

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will learn to:

  • Read The Hobbit in its entirety.
  • Discuss the characters, events, and major themes
  • Connect themes in The Hobbit to ideas found in the Scriptures, lives of saints, and the holy fathers.

Textbooks and Other Resources

If the household does not have a copy of The Hobbit, the Del Rey edition is very affordable: If you can support a local bookstore by getting a copy from there, even better!

The instructor will provide any additional reading material.

A notebook is also required for the class. 

Anticipated Assignments and Exercises

The students will read two or three chapters per week independently and complete a worksheet. There will be optional creative projects.