The Word of Salvation Through Icons (High School and Adults): 

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Spring, 2020: June 4th – June 25th (New Style)

Available Times (EST):

Thursdays 7PM

4 Weeks


$100 US


For any questions regarding registration, please e-mail or call (215) 987-2655.

Course Description

Icons play a significant part in our lives as Orthodox Christians. They are a way to receive grace, a window to the holy ones depicted in them. In this class, Metropolitan Moses, an iconographer himself, will explore the historical and spiritual contexts of icons.

Taking a historical approach, he will explain how elements of art that predated icons were used and adapted for icons. As you move through the centuries, you will see the changes and developments in this liturgical art.

In this class, you may see many icons that you have never seen before, including the frescoes that were painted during what has been called the Palaeologian Renaissance.