The Word of Salvation Through Icons I:

A Special Offering to Raise Funds for the SJDOEI


Tuesdays: 7:30PM EST

Begins week of September 20th (NS)

4 Weeks

Price: $100 US (Families may take the class together.)

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS! (There are 18 students to assist.)

To register, call 215-987-2655. 

Course Description

Class One: 

Artistic Influences to Early Christian Iconography, Greco-Roman Art During the time of Pagan Rome

Through a brief overview of the pre-Christian art of the Mediterranean world the student will come to an appreciation the development of the art of iconography from early Christian times to the time of Saint Justinian.

 Class Two:

Catacomb Iconography and Mosaics up to the 6th Century.

Will help the student appreciate how the early Christians adapted and developed methods of artistic expression to create “windows into the spiritual realm” and art that would help the observer move beyond the things of this life. The class will include descriptions and examples of how the early mosaics were created.

Class Three


Will help the student understand aspects of Iconoclasm and its profound negative impact and the later restoration of iconography throughout the Mediterranean world. This class will focus on many aspects of mosaic iconography throughout the Mediterranean world.

Class Four

Will describe the techniques used in making fresco icons with an overview of the difference in approach between iconographic and naturalistic drawing. This class will include many examples of fresco programs from the 9th to the 14th Century.