Saint John of Damascus Orthodox Educational Initiative

“First of all I shall set forth the best contributions of the philosophers of the Greeks, because whatever there is of good has been given to men from above by God, since ‘every good giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights.’  (James 1:17) If, however, there is anything contrary to the truth, then it is a dark invention of the deceit of Satan and a fiction of the mind of an evil spirit, as that eminent theologian Gregory once said.” (St. John Damascene, Writings, 3-4) 

Classical Orthodox Education: A Conversation with Metropolitan Moses of Toronto

Our Mission for Education

The ultimate goal is no less than to offer a comprehensive curriculum approaching every branch of knowledge from the Orthodox viewpoint.   Nothing less will be able to counteract the deadly influence of what our children are being taught in secular schools. 

On Judgment Day, the Lord will require from us an account of our stewardship of the good things He has given us.  Among the greatest of these goods – and possibly the greatest trust, after our own souls – are our precious children.  How will we face Him if we have not made every sacrifice for them – not for mere worldly advantage, but for the salvation of their souls?  Let us act now, with trust in the All-Merciful Lord, Who loves our children more than we do and will multiply our efforts and our sacrifices ten-thousandfold by His infinite grace.