Ages 14-18

History for the Orthodox Christian IV

Description:  It almost goes without saying that it is important to study history. Yet, for the Orthodox Christian, the study of history has become an ideological minefield. One can read book after book on world history or western civilization. These textbooks leave the young reader with the impression that Christianity is a tool of oppression, that the sacred history in the Old and New Testaments is more myth than fact. In this class, we will approach the study of history from an Orthodox point of view. Indeed, Orthodoxy will be the foundation for all of our studies.
Instructor: Father  John and Presbytera Megan Somers
Times: Wed 3-3:50p ET
Required Text: The Law of God, Fr. Seraphim Slobodskoy; Bible (KJV); The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome, Susan Wise Bauer

High School Literature III & IV

Semester 1: We will be exploring the timeless play of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare, with its universal themes of love, revenge, family and free will versus fate. We will be reading the play in its entirety and following the young protagonists through their whirlwind romance, impetuous and rash decisions and tragic end. Students will be considering how Shakespeare’s use of language, imagery, structure and dramatization has created a work which still resonates with a modern audience. Students will be challenged to consider how Shakespeare was influenced by his own context of Elizabethan England, with its religious beliefs, superstitions and the centrality of loyalty to the family.

Semester 2: We will be exploring the seminal work of the early twentieth century, ‘Animal Farm’
by George Orwell. We will be exploring the themes of idealism and corruption in politics, the deceptive nature of propaganda and most importantly, the abuse of power. Students will be considering how Orwell’s use of language, imagery, structure and dramatization has created a work which still resonates in the twenty-first century. Students will be challenged to consider how Orwell was influenced by the World Wars, the Russian Revolution, industrialism and the rise of socialism. This is an intensive and intellectually challenging course, requiring weekly study and application. Students will develop their critical analytical skills through formal essay writing and they will learn to appreciate the talent and skill of one of the masters of the English language.

Instructor: Nektaria Papanicola

Times: Tues & Fri 1-1:50 PM ET

Required Text: All materials will be provided. 


Description: In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of logic (the science of clear thinking) and how they apply to rhetoric (the
art of persuasion).
Instructor: Father John Somers
Times: Thurs 3-3:50 PM EST

Common Topic

Description: The fifth stage of the progymnasmata (stages leading up to the study of rhetoric) is Common Topic. In this stage, students will learn to criticize an evil deed in eight stages: prologue, contrary, exposition, comparison, intention, digression, rejection of pity, and heads of purpose. This continues students’ training in generating and arranging arguments. They will also continue to implement skills gained from the previous progymnasmata stages. Additionally, they will continue to study grammar, learning concepts such as adjective, noun, and adverb clauses.
Instructor: Vasilios Asimakos
Times: Wed 2-2:50 PM ET & Fri 10-10:50 AM ET
Required Text: Memoria Press’ English Grammar Recitation V

Apologetics for High School Students

Description:  What is apologetics? Simply put, apologetics seeks to provide a systematic defense of Orthodox theology. In our times, amid so many assaults against the Church, we can see how a firm grounding in Orthodox apologetic theology is so important, especially for our youth. Our students need to know the doctrines of our Faith. Yet, we need more than this. We need to foster an Orthodox worldview. We need to equip them with the ability to defend the faith, not to be intimidated by what Saint Paul calls “knowledge falsely so called.” (I Timothy 6:20). This course will allow students to acquire the foundations of this mindset. We will consider, discuss, and develop defenses against a wide variety of different sorts of attacks on the Faith.

Times: Thu 6:20-7:10 PM EST


Introductory Russian (Ages 12-17)

Description: My courses for complete beginners start with learning the Russian alphabet, greetings and introductions. We explore the Russian language through role-play and dialogues, adding simple grammar and new vocabulary. All materials are provided.

Instructor: Valentina Merritt

Times: Wed 10-10:50 AM, Fri 11:30 AM-12:20 PM EST

YouTube Introduction:

New Course Coming Soon

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New Course Coming Soon

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Fall Semester Dates: September 11th-December 22nd (New Style)

Spring Semester Dates: January 22nd-May 31st (New Style)

There are two payment options:

1) Two payments of $400 (per course)  at the start of each semester, or

2) One payment of $725 (per course) at the beginning of the first semester (a $75 value!).


Both options require a commitment for the entire 2023-2024 academic year. For more information about classes, please email or call 215-987-2655.