Nativity Fast Orthodox Bible Study Discussion Group

December 18- January 8th (New Style)

Available Times (EST):

Fridays at 7:30PM


$100 US


For any questions regarding registration, please e-mail or call (215) 987-2655.

Course Description

“There is no question which can torment the human soul, and not find its answer, either directly or indirectly in the Bible.” -Saint Justin Popovich

Have you ever noticed that the Nativity Fast is particularly difficult?  The world has party after party, while we Orthodox Christians are called to fasting.  It is all very troubling.  You feel obligated to go to a Christmas party, whether for work or at a friend’s house.  Maybe you try to keep the Fast as you find yourself eating enough chips and salsa to last a lifetime.  It is incredibly difficult to keep our focus on fasting and prayer!

To top it all off, many of us have to work on the 24th of December and miss the services for Nativity’s Eve.  This is sad, as there are such beautiful readings from the Sacred Scriptures appointed during the services of the Royal Hours and the Vesperal Liturgy. 

Here at the Initiative, we have something to help!  During this Nativity Fast, restore your focus with our Orthodox Bible Study.  We will be going through the readings appointed for the Royal Hours and the Vesperal Liturgy.  We will consistently look at commentaries on the texts from the Fathers of the Church and relate our reading to the everyday life of an Orthodox Christian. 

Our discussion groups will meet on Friday at 7:30 PM EST. 

All proceeds will be donated to the Scholarship Fund for our Spring, 2021 semester.